Tuesday, 13 September 2011

About Culture

Culture is often thought of as merely the unique, interesting, or odd behaviors exhibited by people 
who live in a different country and speak a different language. The reality is that culture is much deeper and broader.
Culture consists not only of behaviors and practices, but also of deeply held beliefs about what is right, appropriate. It is passed from generation to generation, in the words and actions of parents, teachers, and fellow community members. It is so deeply rooted inside our minds and hearts that we often cannot imagine a world in which our values, the way we define right and wrong, could possibly be thought of any other way.
Culture is also not unique to different countries. Cultures arise anytime we find ourselves as part of a group that shares an ideal or experience. While national culture, based on the country in which we grew up and went to school, is often the strongest and broadest of our cultures, we always have other cultures that play a role in how we see the world around us.Religious culture is molded by our sacred texts and the teachings of religious leaders. Local culture is instilled in us based on our location: those who grew up on the seaside are likely to value certain things that others who grew up in the mountains or in an inland urban environment would.
To discover your own cultures you need to begin to ask yourself what groups you are a part of, what those groups value, and how that has impacted the choices you make every day in life.
Understanding culture is important and necessary for anyone who wishes to build success in today’s growingly diverse world. It’s a multicultural world…are you ready?

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