Thursday, 13 October 2011

Italian Fashion

Italian Fashion has an old and a rich history to its credit. The Fashion Maestro of Italy Count Giorgini started by staging a fashion show in the year 1951 on 25 th February in Florence . Giorginibroke the myth of fashion as something that only belonged to a higher class of the society. This fashion show attracted audience from all over the world.

To quote Andre Suares: "Fashion is the best form of farce, though nobody laughs because everyone takes part." Fashion has always attracted people and dressing in one's own style gives one a self identity in the crowd. Italian Fashion has been a landmark in the history of fashion. Italian fashion took its course from the finely dressed women in Italy. Education and culture had great influence over the fashion scenario of the country. Fashion also influenced many costumes and dresses in Cinema. Italian fashion reflected Italy as a land of art, beauty and love.
Fashion in Italy saw a big change during the sixties at the time when industrial boom was experienced. With this fashion the concept of dressing changed from a mere dress to something that was a reflection of creation and design.

Italian fashion differs from the world fashion in a way, where Italian fashion determines the class to which a person belongs unlike fashion of other places, like New York, London and Paris. Italian fashion has often been refereed to as a way to social redemption.
With this history of fashion in Italy , today Italy is a place specially known for the famous designers of the world and more often "The Fashion Hub of the whole world."

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