Saturday, 1 October 2011


Leisure time in Malaysia commmonly engaged in entertaining sports and competitions.Kite-Flying,the oldest Malaysian sport, is the most practiced and and favoured game,both by tourists and locals. Kites are adorned with colourful floral designs, which are capticating once they are in the air. Due to its popularity,there is now an international kite-flying event.Japan,Singapore,Netherlands,Belgium and Gemany are some of the participants of this anually held competition.

The Malaysian Kite-flying competition will be held anually for three days in Pasir Gudang.During the three days devoted to the Malaysian kite competition ,one large field was left open for the international guests to fly their kites.Usually there will be a total of 82 internetional guest competing from 16 countries.Kites used for competitions are constructed with a background layer of Tyvek,layers of glued design,and covered with a glue and tape to secure it against rain andwind damage.The Malysian kite-flying competition was also an attempt to the Guiness World Record fo the largest made kite built.

Kite-flying festival is also popular in many asian countries as well.In Afghanistan, kite-flying is known in Dari as Gudiparan Bazi.Some of them,use strings trough a mixture of of ground glass powder and glue in kite-flying competition which results the string very abrasive and can sever the competitiors string more easily.These abrasive can injure people as well and it was banned during the time of Taliban's rule.

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