Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Multi-cultural Blend of Penang Food

Penang is a livable urban municipality with a setting of mixed culture of Chinese or various origins,Malays,Indians,Mamaks or Indian Muslims,Eurasians and some Thais.
Penang food is often recognised more as a blender of Chinese,Thais,Arab and Indian influence.These ethnic group have also merged within the Malaysian ethos and are an intrinsic part of the culture and food of the region.


Curry chicken recipe prepared by the southern indians penang food are usually hot and typically spices like turmeic,coriander,ginger,aniseed,cummin and black peppercorn.The chicken curry can be prepared wet or dry by adding coconut milk or santan.Tamarind is added for fish curry dishes to cut the spiciness.Thosai(rice and lentil pancake),idlee(steamed rice patties),are served with dhal or sambal. North Indian food tends to be milder The curry dishes features aromatic spices like cinnamon,cloves,cardamom,aniseed and saffon.

Traditionally the lifestyle of Malays is agriculture and fishing.While fish is caught from nearby paddy fields,rice is home ground on its own ground.Wild roots,herbs and tree leaves are salad(ulam) for the daily diet of Malay Penang Food.Belachan is almost in every Malay recipe.For breakfast they eat kuih(cakes) made from starchy grains and roots such as glutinous rice,sweet potato,tapioca,or sago palm.One Malay dish stands out among the whole main course of dishes is the Nasi Lemak.

With asian dishes top on the list,the diverse Chinese dishes and Chinese food in the restaurant is also surprisingly affordable for a romantic dinner for two.Its no surprise when Penang Chinese Hawker food can be remenbered by all visitors and and Hokkien Mee being really famous now.Other Penang Chinese Hawker food which are famous includes, Lok bak,Wantan mee,rojak and char koat theow.


The Peranakan Food or Nyonya Penang Food is another great choice of mix cultural food.Spicy, hot,sourish,salty from the Chinese cuisine and curry recipes and dishes from the Malay and Indian influences.The food is generally spicy with use of sambal and curry.

The Nyonyas are famous for their kuih,like Pulut Thatai,Huat Kuih,Kow Chan Kuih 9 layers sweet layers.
Some of the shrimp curry or fish recipes are unforgettable meal recipes.The Nyonya Penang Food are enhanced with Thai influence while our Malacca Nyonya has Malay recipe elements.

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